Tick and Mosquito Spraying FAQ:

How does your product work?
We use an all natural Cedar Oil based product which is sprayed around the perimeter of the property, under decks, around storage buildings and wood piles, in flower beds, and the lawn using mist blowers and spray equipment. Our organic solution impairs mental capacity of the biting insects then breaks down the insects exoskeleton and eradicates it. The lingering scent then deters most future mosquito, ticks, and other flying insects up to 21 days. We then return for the next treatment.

How often will you apply the treatment?
We recommend spraying for ticks every 30 days, while the Mosquito treatment should be done every 15-21 days depending on infestation and weather conditions.

Is your organic product harmful to pets or children?
Absolutely not, this is the main reason we use all organic products. Our spray fully complies with EPA regulations 25(b) exempt. Children and pets can return to the lawn after about 15 minutes once product dries. The product also does not harm beneficial insects such as Bees, Butterflies, and Earthworms.

How much does this service cost and how many of these treatments are needed?
The size of one’s property and how much tick habitat requires treatment determine the cost to the property owner. Typically, three treatments (in spring, summer and fall) do the trick, because in these seasons we are interfering with the tick’s life cycle. However, tick density and the population of host animals varies by property, and these factors ultimately determine how many treatments will be required. For example, on thickly wooded, tick-dense properties we may need to add additional services and space treatments closer together.

Where do ticks live and where do you spray for them?

  • Properties that border woodlots present the most risk. Therefore, we treat:

  • The first 10’ border of grass that meets the woods, up to 15′-20′ into the woods themselves

  • Tall grass and weeds

  • Low brush (up to 36″)

  • Ornamental groundcover lying in shaded areas

  • Unpruned landscape beds where sunlight can’t penetrate

  • Stone walls

  • Leaf litter

  • Brush and woodpiles

  • Beneath porches and around bird feeders where rodents and birds congregate.

Does it remove all mosquito and ticks?
While we cannot guarantee 100% removal, you will see a dramatic difference. We will also work with you to show any areas of the landscape we can clean up to help with reduction. Such as puddle areas, old tarps collecting water, old toys collecting water.

How will I know you came on a specific day?
We will call ahead of time and also leave a door hanger behind with any information if needed to pass along. You will also see a small lawn sign which lets the neighbors know to stay off treated area until dry.



Tick-Be-Gone, does NOT express any guarantee against tick borne illnesses. We only aid in the reduction/prevention of ticks on your property within the treated areas.

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